Tomatoes and Vegetables

Flandria Elite

This tomato is an elegant vine tomato with a beautiful deep red colour. A delicious treat. It is ideal for people who like a somewhat firmer tomato. This exclusive gem has an attractively shaped vine and is highly regarded for its long shelf life. The fruit in this segment are firmly attached to the stem.

Flandria Princess

FLANDRIA PRINCE is to loose tomatoes what FLANDRIA PRINCESS is to vine tomatoes. It is a larger vine tomato with firm, deep red fruit. This vine tomato can be stored for a long time, and consistent quality is guaranteed.

Flandria Prince

FLANDRIA PRINCE is a loose tomato with a shiny, deep red color, a perfect flavor and the perfect mold. Thanks to its strong pulp, this tomato is to everyone’s taste. This tomato is harvested red.

Flandria Baron

The robust beef tomatoes known for their firmness are offered under the brand FLANDRIA BARON. This is the perfect Belgian beef tomato. This fleshy and firm tomato is popular among consumers due to its extremely firm and tasty flesh, with a multi-celled structure. The FLANDRIA BARON is and remains a tradition to be proud of.


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This is a tomato shape resembles a plum. This tomato is particularly good for hot dish, but is also recommended for cold too. The Prunella is regular and in vine tomatoes.


FLANDRIA PEPPERS have a uniform colour, are firm and fresh, and have a shiny surface. The length of the fruit is at least the same size as the width. They have an undamaged green calyx, and do not show any tears, blemishes or burns. They must have a stalk with a smooth cut edge, cut off at the natural break point.

Cabbage lettuce

FLANDRIA CABBAGE LETTUCE is young and fresh, and has no wilted (outer) leaves. The head is undamaged and the underside of the head must be tightly closed. The section looks fresh and crisp.


FLANDRIA CUCUMBERS have a dark green colour, are straight, and have a regular shape. They are well presented, are fresh, firm, and undamaged. They are cleanly cut and have a short stem.


FLANDRIA COURGETTES have an even, green colour across their entire surface, and are free from damage. They have a short fruit stem, a natural curvature, and the petals have been removed. The cut surface must not be too wet.


The FLANDRIA AUBERGINE is purple in colour and the fruit is shiny. The fruit is well developed, is firm, has a regular shape, and is free from burns caused by sunlight. The calyx is intact, and the stalk is short and has a fresh green colour. An aubergine is ripe when it yields to slight pressure.


The leaf of the FLANDRIA LEEK is dark green, and the roots are cut off evenly without damaging the root plate. The white part of the stalk is absolutely straight and completely smooth. The minimum length of the stem is 15 cm (10 cm for young leeks). The minimum length of the leaf is 20 cm (25 cm in the case of bunches).


FLANDRIA CARROTS are high-quality, well-shaped and fully grown products. Carrots are straight, undamaged and free of cuts, holes and frost damage. FLANDRIA CARROTS have the typical colour of the variety and are free from green, purple or violet-like discolouration of the top part. Bunched carrots also have fresh green, firm tops.


FLANDRIA CHICORY has a symmetrical shape, and looks fresh. The leaves are smooth, there are no colour deviations, and the top is nicely closed. The head is solid.

Lamb’s lettuce

FLANDRIA LAMB’S LETTUCE looks fresh and crisp. The leaves are held together in the shape of a rosette and are dark green (for the short type) or green (for the long type). The leaves are not damaged and are not yellow.


FLANDRIA ENDIVES are young and fresh and have no wilted (outer) leaves. The head is undamaged and the underside of the head must be tightly closed. The section looks fresh and crisp. The heart of the endive contains attractive yellow leaves.


FLANDRIA CAULIFLOWERS have a uniform white or light cream color and the leaves look fresh green. The flower has a regular shape over the whole surface and has a fixed grain structure.

Chinese cabbage

FLANDRIA CHINESE CABBAGE has the typical light green colour of the variety and is free of flowering, sprouting or damage. It is well cared for, uniformly presented and has a smooth and fresh cut surface.

Red cabbage

The FLANDRIA RED CABBAGE is sound and solid. The cabbage has a solid structure, and is regular in terms of shape and size. The red cabbage has a dark red to purple-red colour.

White cabbage

The FLANDRIA WHITE CABBAGE is sound and solid. The cabbage has a solid structure, and is regular in terms of shape and size. The colour is white-green.

Brussels sprouts

FLANDRIA SPROUTS have a homogeneously dark green colour and the heads are tight. The sprouts are in perfect condition and are free from damage and frostbite. Brussels sprouts are neatly round-shaped and firm, and they have a smooth cut surface.


Strawberry is widely appreciated for its characteristic aroma, bright red color, juicy texture, and sweetness. It can withstand long periods, very convenient for cargo.



Even smaller than ordinary cherry tomatoes, mini tomatoes that are distinguished by their extremely small size

• The fruit weight varies between 10 and 12 g

• Beautiful symmetric vine, with an average of 14 to 16 tomatoes per bunch

• A bunch of fresh green parts with long shelf life


The FLANDRIA MINISTAR is a cocktail tomato, also sometimes called the cherry tomato. These tomatoes have an exceptional flavour, and an extremely sweet aftertaste. The vine is an attractive herringbone shape and the tomatoes have a deep red colour. These small tomatoes are perfect for festive occasions.


Tomato with slightly sweeter taste. Suitable for hot and cold dishes. Ideal as a decoration

Coeur de Boeuf

Beef tomato or Beefsteak tomato, is any of the largest varieties of cultivated tomatoes. The average weight is 235g. Tomato bottom is wider. Few juicy tomato.

San Marzano

San Marzano tomato, is a variety of plum tomato, to attract attention with different shape. An average tomatoes weighs 30 g. Are thinner and more pointed.


Pickles can be used in salads, but can also often serve dishes because of the spicy taste.