About Us

We are operating since 1999 in the market of vegetables. We started first on the Dutch market and then we expanded to Belgium. We are specialized in the supply of tomatoes of the ‘Elite’ brand. We own a warehouse at the Auction of Mechelen in Belgium. It all started in Bleiswijk, The Netherlands, where we bought our products from growers and transports it to the market in Germany. In past we served the province North-Rhine Westphalia and now we grew so much to manage Germany completely. We operate with different customers. Our customers know our Elite tomatoes very well and therefore we have redefined our company name with the same brand. Elite tomatoes, the name says it all, are the best Belgian tomatoes. Our products have always beautiful color and flavor, good size and are long lasting. With these qualities we have already convinced our customers since years. Even when we were in the Netherlands, we delivered to different customers with Belgian tomatoes. Also the price is reasonable and the quality of our products are always above the quality of ‘ordinary’ tomatoes. Besides ‘Elite’ tomatoes, we also supply other vegetables such as lettuce, cucumbers, pepper and in the winter we deliver vegetables like leeks and cabbage.